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Desert Medical Rejuvenation serves individuals with various dermal concerns, such as undesirable pigmentation, unattractive facial veins and vessels, age spots, liver spots, mild to moderate acne, unsightly moles, skin tags and common warts. If you are affected by common skin concerns or have the potential for lesions and blemishes, we invite you to contact our Rancho Mirage, CA office to schedule a consultation. In many cases, dermatological concerns, like acne, skin lesions, or sun spots, need the right treatment to be removed or diminished. Dr. Quintanilla can treat a wide variety of dermatological concerns to supply you with glowing results.

At Desert Medical Rejuvenation, removing skin growths and diminishing blemishes is done by using several state-of-the-art treatments, such as by performing cryotherapy with the CryoProbe® device, or electrosurgery with the Hyfrecator®, or even by using the plasma energy device PLEXR® Pen. Cryotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment to remove skin growths, such as lesions, sun spots, skin tags, or age spots. We use the CryoProbe®, a small pen-like instrument that uses nitrous oxide cartridges to deliver the quick, effective cryotherapy procedure, to freeze and remove these growths for immediate treatment. We also use the Hyfrecator®, which takes a different approach by heating and destroying tissue, skin tags, red skin spots, sun spots, and other blemishes. The burn is shallow and does not damage surrounding healthy skin. The PLEXR® Plasma Pen can accomplish same results with no damage to unaffected skin areas. We can also use the SPECTRUM® Laser device for removal of unwanted pigmented lesions, unattractive superficial facial veins and vessels, and other blemishes, safely and effectively without damage to healthy skin. 

All of these devices provide instant, safe, and effective improvement. There is no discomfort as lesions are numbed with either topical or local anesthetic. Best of all there is basically NO downtime related to those procedures. 

Although the procedures are generally comfortable, for those patients with very high levels of anxiety or low levels of tolerance to pain, we offer the use of PRO-NOX®, a device that delivers a mixture of inhaled Oxygen/Nitrous which numbs the patient's sensations for several minutes, enough to allow the doctor to complete the procedure. The patient recovers 100% at the end of the procedure. 


Dr. Art does magic! After my appointment with him I always look rejuvenated and youthful in a very natural way. His moto is less is more! No doctor has been as skillful as Dr. Art. I have been treated by him in the past 5 years and I fly all the way from the East Coast to get my treatment at Deser Medical Rejuvenation for I know Dr. Art does an outstanding job.

A.E. Google

DMR is a hidden gem in the desert! Dr Quintanilla is fantastic and talented, the pricing is great and the staff are extremely friendly and accommodating to your needs.

E.C. Yelp

Hands down the best doctor I’ve ever used for my facial treatments. This man is an artist and a pro. He was able to correct some issues and every treatment he’s ever done on me has been great. The results are fantastic. I highly recommend this place. Everyone here is so nice and I always look great after.

M.D. Google

Dr. Q is the best! I drive over an hour to see him & he’s the only dr I’ll let touch my face. He’s very conservative with his work, always leaves me looking natural but refreshed! He’s also very organized & keeps track of all I’ve had done so there’s never any confusion. Thank you Dr Q (& your lovely staff)

A.R. Google

Dr. Q is the best. I have been all over SoCal Beverly Hills etc. and I am so happy I found him. He’s amazing at recommendations and he keeps my best interest in mind. He never overcharges, strictly does what I want and I always leave happy and satisfied. I will only come to him. They always fit me in and I always leave with the best results. He’s my forever Dr!

M.M. Google


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Whether you have dermal concerns, such as chronic acne or persistent skin tags, now is the time to contact Desert Medical Rejuvenation to learn about all of your treatment options. Our Rancho Mirage, CA office specializes in handling a wide variety of dermatological concerns, from cases that are mild to severe. Regardless of your specific dermal condition, we are committed to supplying you with the level of attention that you need and deserve. Call to learn more about our dermatological services and how they can help you.

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