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 Laser skin resurfacing at Desert Medical Rejuvenation is a noninvasive aesthetic procedure that uses pulsating beams of light to remove damaged skin cells layer by layer. The procedure is great for reducing photoaging sun-damaged skin, multiple facial wrinkles and lines, mild scarring as well as for improving skin flaws including skin blemishes, pigmentation, melasma and acne scars. Also referred to as a laser peel, laser skin resurfacing is an ideal treatment for people who want softer, clearer, youthful-looking skin. Based on the needs of the patient's skin, the treatment can be adjusted accordingly. There is some downtime associated with most laser skin resurfacing facials. Any concerns or questions may be discussed with Rancho Mirage, CA aesthetic physician Dr. Art Quintanilla during your initial consultation.

There are several types of laser skin resurfacing available in the United States that range from very aggressive fully ablative treatments such as a CO2® lasers to partially ablative or non-ablative fractionated lasers such as Fraxel® treatments; at Desert Medical Rejuvenation we use the FDA cleared and registered SPECTRUM® LASER from US based manufacturer Rohrer Aesthetics because it is a versatile Erbium-YAG laser device that allows different modalities of treatments ranging from a full to moderate to gentle ablative procedure as well as the option of a fractionated procedure, all on the same platform. 

The Spectrum® is capable of achieving superior resurfacing results because of its flexibility, as it offers a customizable laser resurfacing for each individual patient needs in a gentler and safer manner while also offering other advantages such as short healing time, topical anesthetic for comfort rather than deep sedation, as well as less risk of complications such as post-treatment pigmentation, burns or hypertrophic scars, which is why the Erbium-YAG laser treatment is also known as the "Micro Laser Peel". The laser energy works to remove damaged and dead skin cells while also stimulating new collagen growth.

Finally, this versatile device also has specifically designed laser handles for treating other conditions: a long pulsed ND-YAG handle for vascular lesions such as unwanted facial veins and vessels, a picosecond Q-switch handle for treatment of diverse pigmented lesions and tattoo removals, and a Diode handle for laser hair removal; however at this time our office is not offering laser hair removal nor tattoo removal. 

Before the procedure a topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area for 30 minutes, followed by the laser skin resurfacing modality that has been deemed best for your skin's condition; during the procedure, you can relax in our treatment chair while the handheld laser device passes over the skin, directly targeting the sections designated for improvement, at times you may feel the heat of the laser which is immediately relieved by using the high flow air chiller cooling device. The end result is usually a sunburn like reaction and/or heat sensation, easily manageable with a cooling moisturizer provided in our office. There will be a short downtime depending on the modality used, for instance mildly ablative or fractionated treatments usually require a 3-day downtime whereas a moderately ablative treatment will require a 5-day downtime on average. Your results are expected to last for 2 years 

If you are scheduled for a more deeper skin resurfacing session such as a fully ablative procedure, you may be asked to use a retinoid cream for 2 – 3 weeks before your laser treatment. The retinoid helps prep the skin for more effective results. For a deeper laser procedures, a form of sedation may be necessary. The downtime can reach up to 7 days. However, as a general rule, aggressive laser procedures are nowadays rarely necessary because the very same results can be achieved with a minimum of 2-3 gentle ablative treatments or 3-5 fractionated treatments, with very minimal downtime involved.

I found Dr. Q while researching online and I had just been considering that it was time for skin care and some anti-aging magic. I decided to try this office after calling a few different doctors with questions and I was impressed with the friendliness and willingness of his staff to answer my questions and to quell my concerns. They were awesome! I made an appointment on that call and stopped searching.My first appointment went so wonderfully!  I was so impressed with Dr. Q. He explained everything as he advised me and seemed to know exactly what I needed to give me a fresh and natural look and that is exactly what I got. I get so many compliments on looking young and I love the results. These small changes boosted my confidence immensely and look so natural.Today was my fifth appointment. I have since added a few more services and the techniques used help me defy my age. I look VERY natural. The staff all know me by name, call to check on me and I’m so comfortable coming here.If anyone reading this is looking for a highly skilled doctor and staff who treat you like family, this is the doctor and staff I am 100% comfortable recommending to anyone. Dr. Q is an artist. I couldn’t be more pleased and I plan to come back here every time I need a boost in confidence and self-care. I love this doctor and his staff!

T.A. Yelp

I Love Desert Medical Rejuvenation! The staff is so friendly, and helpful.  Dr. Quintana is super knowledgeable about skin, and long term skin care plans for beat results that are tailored to one’s individual needs and goals.  The girls in the office are so friendly and sweet.  Found this place on Groupon, and became a long term customer.

J.S. Yelp

I Love Desert Medical Rejuvenation! The staff is so friendly, and helpful. Dr. Quintana is super knowledgeable about skin, and long term skin care plans for beat results that are tailored to one’s individual needs and goals. The girls in the office are so friendly and sweet. Found this place on Groupon, and became a long term customer.

J.S. Google

I have been a patient of Dr. Art Quintanilla’s for several years. My treatments have included Botox, Juvéderm, lip fillers, and facials to name a few. It is always a pleasure to see Dr Art and his amazing staff, especially Missy. On the phone Missy is most accommodating when scheduling my appointments. In the office, without exception, I always receive a warm and friendly welcome from her, and an offer of "can I get you something to drink"?  Dr. Art is incredible and has a keen eye and magical hands. He checks and double checks himself, and you never feel rushed by him or his assistants. I have experienced only positive outcomes from their expertise and exemplary skills, and I know that I will be comfortable and well cared for. Also, depending on the procedure, that I’ll be given clear instructions for home care and optimal healing, as well as ice, arnica, or antibiotic ointment to minimize bruising and eliminate infection. The office is lovely, and immaculately clean and neat. I am looking forward to my next appointment for skin resurfacing due to sun damage. There isn’t a medical procedure I wouldn’t trust Dr. Art and his staff to perform.

J.S. Yelp

Dr. Quintanilla and his staff are professional and recommend the products people really need instead of just trying to upsell. He spends time with me and talks about different options and how to make my skin better. Dr. Quintanilla really cares about his patients and I highly recommend him for skin care.

R.F. Google


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Laser skin resurfacing sessions at Desert Medical Rejuvenation offer outstanding outcomes if you want a younger-looking appearance. If you are considering a laser treatment and would like to learn more information about them, as well as other nonsurgical treatments at our Rancho Mirage, CA practice, we invite you to call us today to make your appointment with Dr. Quintanilla.

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